IGDAM in July: Mo-cap, Film Victoria, Playtesting, TIGJAM and Defect!

10 Jul
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deakin motion lab

We’re trying to squish a few things in this month, with the main talk about motion capture from Deakin Motion Lab (https://blogs NULL.deakin

When: Tuesday 14 July from 6ish

Where: 1000 Pound Bend, 361 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne


Having worked on two Hobbit movies and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Weta Digital Motion Capture Animator and now Deakin Motion Labs Motion Capture Supervisor, Pete Divers will show you what it takes to bring motion capture animation to a finished state within motion builder, working on creating animation loops and nice animation arcs.
Kieren Wallace is a graduate of Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology with Distinction in Games Design and is the Lead Programmer at Deakin Motion.Lab, recently finishing work on the 3D production of Victoria Operas ‘The Flying Dutchman’. Kieren will guide you through the process of updating pre-made Unity Mecanim state machines with motion capture data.

But that’s not all!

Liam from Film Victoria will give us a rundown of support programs and funding options available to Victorian game developers this financial year.

Bring your game for playtesting and check out what other people have been working on.

We’ll also have games made at TIGJAM last month there to play.

Finally,  the team at Three Phase Interactive will be bringing a special build of Defect. You can support Defect on Kickstarter now (https://www NULL.kickstarter! (Go and do that right away, you can read the rest of this ramble when you get back.)

Heaters have been promised, but dress warm – between good company, burgers and beer we won’t even notice the cold!

The obligatory Facebook event is here (https://www NULL.facebook

See you there!

11715264_10206082380049971_650123698_o (https://www NULL.kickstarter

Meet-up Tuesday 9 June: Taking Care of Playful Business

08 Jun
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WHEN: From 6.30pm, Tuesday 9 June (talks start around 7.15)
WHERE: The Kelvin Club, Melbourne Pl, Melbourne (off Russell b/w Collins and Bourke)


Sarah from Media Arts Lawyers (http://www NULL.mediaartslawyers will be talking gamedev business basics from the legal eagle perspective and Salva from Banks Group (http://www NULL.banksgroup will be coming from the bean-counter viewpoint. They’ll also be available for questions after the talk.

AND PLAYTESTING! Bring your game to get feedback and have fun.

Don’t let the public holiday confuse you and see you there!


…Aaand we’re back!

07 May
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Did you miss us?We have been talking and we all think it is time you update your blog.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, which we still don’t quite understand, our little blog went offline.

Thanks to the valiant efforts of Craig Peebles and Tarwin Stroh-Spijer we’re back  again. Thanks to everyone who’s let us know ‘the website is broken’ over the last few months. No. really.

Of course the action hasn’t stopped over in our Facebook group or in real life – we’ve had a Global Game Jam, a GDC, a Freeplay and several meet ups happening. It really is an exciting time to be involved in any of the myriad of aspects of local game development.

Once again there’s the mission of keeping things updated here, and the plan is to do *at least* as well as we were before the great take-down of 2014.

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 12.22.16 am

In the meantime here’s where it’s at

Come along to 1000 Pound Bend on Tuesday 12 May for Pitches and Playtesting (https://www NULL.facebook

When: Tuesday 12 May, 6.30-10pm (Pitching with a panel starts a little after 7)

Where: 1000 Pound Bend, 361 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne (round the back!)

What: All game makers are invited to bring their games for a night of fun and constructive feedback (with burgers and beers if you’re so inclined).

Pitch your game!  From 7.30 we encourage game makers, particularly if you’re at the stage of pitching your games, be it to; crowdfunders, media, publishers or partners. With a friendly panel full of useful and helpful information should you like, you can wow the audience with your greatest game idea.

Please register here if you’d like to bring your game and/or pitch your game (https://docs


In the media hotseat: Nathan Cocks

In the marketing hotseat: Lauren Clinnick

In the gamedev hotseat: Dan Clayton and friends

If you have any questions, please email giselle at igdamelbourne dot org.


IGDAM End of Year Shindig

17 Nov
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As is tradition, we’ll be braving the great outdoors for some BBQ goodness.

This year we’re at The Testing Grounds, just behind the iconic Arts Centre spire, on Sunday 14 December.

Your ticket will include food, and we’ll do our best to cater for all dietary requirements. There will be beer, wine, cider and soft drink available for purchase from the bar on the day.

We’re still working on fun and games for the day, so if you have any suggestions tweet them to @igdamelbourne or get in touch.

So conga your way to Eventbrite (https://www NULL.eventbrite we’ll see you on Sunday December 14!

Conga BBQ

Conga BBQ Photo by Timothy Zeven

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MegaDev2 will cap off a MegaWeek!

26 Oct
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Melbourne, are you ready?

This week sees the first Unite Australia (http://unity3d (tickets still available), the return of GCAP (http://gcap OUT) and PAXAUS (http://aus NULL.paxsite few tickets left) at the Melbourne Conference and Exhibition Centre.

Once we make it to the end of the week, we’ll be chilling out over drinks at MegaDev2 (SOLD OUT). This year we’re at Beer De Luxe and look forward to getting together one last time after a week of games festivities.

Everyone is to thank for the return of MegaDev, it’s been a great crowdfunding success and special love and thanks needs to head in the direction of our MegaPledgers

Gold Sponsors

big ant logo (http://www NULL.bigant


Infinity_Wars_Logo (https://www NULL.infinitywarsgame!/)

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Silver Sponsors

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September IGDAM: Pints and Playtesting

05 Sep
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When: Tuesday 9 September

Where: 1000 Pound Bend, 361 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne 6.30-10.30pm

What: Pints and Playtesting!

This month bring along your latest or most favourite creation for a night of playtesting and fun times.

We’re back at Pound, BYO everything you need to run your game and invite your friends along.

Obligatory Facebook Event Here (https://www NULL.facebook


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The Voxel Agents’ Puzzle Retreat Post Mortem and Playtesting August 12

06 Aug
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fb_eventWe’ll be back at The Kelvin Club this month, with Sam Wong and Henrik Pettersson looking back on the development of Puzzle Retreat, the block sliding puzzle game that’s been downloaded more than three million times.

When: Tuesday 12 August (https://www NULL.facebook from 6.30pm, talks start around 7 upstairs

Where: The Kelvin Club (http://www NULL.kelvinclub

As always, you’re welcome to bring your game along for playtesting before and after the talks.

If you’d like to discuss an idea for a talk or meet up theme,  email

There are food and drinks available at the Kelvin, see you there!

If you’re keen to kick on afterwards, you’re invited to the Glitchmark art exhibition at E55 (http://glitchmark


GCAP14 Update: Speaker submissions, keynotes and early bird registrations

18 Jul
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This week the Game Developers’ Association of Australia announced the opening of Early Bird registrations for Game Connect Asia Pacific (#GCAP14) (http://gcap and the Keynote Speakers for this year’s GCAP, themed ‘Shakespeare Wrote Hits’.

Keynoting this year are Siobhan Reddy, Rami Ismail and Barry Meade.

Siobhan is the Studio Director of Media Molecule (http://www NULL.mediamolecule, creators of Little Big Planet.

Rami is the Founder, Strategic Director and Developer of Vlambeer (http://www NULL.vlambeer, creator of a number of titles including Ridiculous Fishing – the winner of Apple’s Game of the Year in 2013.

Barry has a AAA background, having spent five years as a Senior Artist at Criterion Games (EA) and has now set up shop as Fireproof Studios (http://www NULL.fireproofstudios

The GDAA are accepting speaker applications until close of business on Friday 25 July. If you’re considering speaking you can find all the speaker submission details at the GDAA website. (http://gdaa

Early Bird registrations for GCAP are now open (http://www NULL.trybooking NULL.aspx?eid=93968&embed=93968), and you can get  if you’re an IGDAM regular you can email giselle at igdamelbourne dot org for a 10% discount code which is applicable to all passes except Student passes.

Phew! That’s a lot of information for a rather small post. I think I’ll mention the Australian Game Developer Awards in a separate post, in the meantime, get those speaker submissions in and happy Friday!



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Follow up Pitch Post

10 Jul
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igdam by davidz



After getting up early for the World Cup semi finals, and a great night on Tuesday, I’ve still got pitches on the brain!

Thank you to our speakers on Tuesday, Justin Halliday from Screen Australia (we miss you already, gamesfund) (http://www NULL.screenaustralia NULL.aspx), Chris Wright from Surprise Attack, Michael Davies from Space Dust Studios (http://www NULL.spaceduststudios, everyone who demo’d their games or even just rocked up.

Special thanks to Autodesk (http://www NULL.autodesk sponsoring the evening.

Chris gave everyone a brief rundown of the process that Surprise Attack go through when developing a pitch for a client. Surprise Attack have very kindly shared their INDIE GAME DEVELOPMENT POSTIONING WORKBOOK (Word Doc). You are free to download and utilise this fabulous resource as long as you don’t commercialise it. For further information about the Workshops available from Surprise Attack, visit their website (http://surpriseattack

Some of you who attended on Tuesday may also have noticed Ben (there’s always a Ben), Cam and Bianca lurking about with a camera. They’re starting out Work In Beta (http://www NULL.workinbeta, which will be following local game development stories. They’re first ever filming at IGDAM includes interviews with David Lloyd from Powerhoof (http://www NULL.powerhoof, who are close to releasing Crawl, and Conor O’Kane with his work in progress, Space Caves of Europa. You can find the Beta Team on Facebook and Twitter, as is the way with things, and if you’re at a sharing stage with your game project, feel free to contact them to chat about it.

Next month we’ll be hearing from Henrik and Sam (https://www NULL.facebook from The Voxel Agents (http://www NULL.thevoxelagents, as they do a Puzzle Retreat post mortem. Puzzle Retreat has now been downloaded over 3,000,000 times and has offered up some interesting challenges during development and post-release. The venue will be confirmed soon, but the date is locked in. Hope to see you there. Otherwise I’ll see you on the Facebooks (https://www NULL.facebook and the Twitters (https://twitter I’m really keen!


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IGDAM July: Elevator Pitch Night

07 Jul
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Apologies for the delayed post: We’re back at The Bend again tomorrow night, and learning about game pitching.

When: Tuesday 8 July 6.30-10.30pm

Where: 1000 Pound Bend (http://thousandpoundbend, 361 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne


We have three speakers sharing their knowledge of how to pitch your game, and there will be an opportunity for questions at the end.

Michael Davies: Michael is the Director and Lead Gameplay Developer for Space Dust Studios (http://www NULL.spaceduststudios will be running through the pitch that Space Dust  prepared for Space Dust Racing. They took this pitch to Game Connection in the US and also used it to get local Film Victoria funding. He’ll also be bringing the game along for some local four player fun!

Chris Wright: Chris is the Managing Director of Surprise Attack (http://surpriseattack He will give a high level view of Surprise Attack’s positioning workshop process which is very useful in helping determine your point of difference and elevator pitch. He will be distributing a word doc workbook for the workshop process which Surprise Attack runs.

Justin Halliday:  As Investment Manager at Screen Australia (http://screenaustralia, Justin has had a hefty amount of experience at being pitched to. He will be offering hints and tips from the perspective of the person you’re looking to impress with your pitch.

Once again, thanks to Autodesk (http://autodesk, there will also be a bar tab to get us started. Thanks Autodesk!

We’ve got a Facebook event (https://www NULL.facebook, because it’s a thing we do, and look forward to seeing you soon.

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