GCAP14 Update: Speaker submissions, keynotes and early bird registrations

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This week the Game Developers’ Association of Australia announced the opening of Early Bird registrations for Game Connect Asia Pacific (#GCAP14) (http://gcap NULL.com NULL.au) and the Keynote Speakers for this year’s GCAP, themed ‘Shakespeare Wrote Hits’.

Keynoting this year are Siobhan Reddy, Rami Ismail and Barry Meade.

Siobhan is the Studio Director of Media Molecule (http://www NULL.mediamolecule NULL.com/), creators of Little Big Planet.

Rami is the Founder, Strategic Director and Developer of Vlambeer (http://www NULL.vlambeer NULL.com/), creator of a number of titles including Ridiculous Fishing – the winner of Apple’s Game of the Year in 2013.

Barry has a AAA background, having spent five years as a Senior Artist at Criterion Games (EA) and has now set up shop as Fireproof Studios (http://www NULL.fireproofstudios NULL.com/).

The GDAA are accepting speaker applications until close of business on Friday 25 July. If you’re considering speaking you can find all the speaker submission details at the GDAA website. (http://gdaa NULL.com NULL.au/gcap-14-call-for-speakers)

Early Bird registrations for GCAP are now open (http://www NULL.trybooking NULL.com/Booking/BookingEventSummary NULL.aspx?eid=93968&embed=93968), and you can get  if you’re an IGDAM regular you can email giselle at igdamelbourne dot org for a 10% discount code which is applicable to all passes except Student passes.

Phew! That’s a lot of information for a rather small post. I think I’ll mention the Australian Game Developer Awards in a separate post, in the meantime, get those speaker submissions in and happy Friday!



Follow up Pitch Post

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igdam by davidz



After getting up early for the World Cup semi finals, and a great night on Tuesday, I’ve still got pitches on the brain!

Thank you to our speakers on Tuesday, Justin Halliday from Screen Australia (we miss you already, gamesfund) (http://www NULL.screenaustralia NULL.gov NULL.au/funding/games/default NULL.aspx), Chris Wright from Surprise Attack, Michael Davies from Space Dust Studios (http://www NULL.spaceduststudios NULL.com/), everyone who demo’d their games or even just rocked up.

Special thanks to Autodesk (http://www NULL.autodesk NULL.com NULL.au/)for sponsoring the evening.

Chris gave everyone a brief rundown of the process that Surprise Attack go through when developing a pitch for a client. Surprise Attack have very kindly shared their INDIE GAME DEVELOPMENT POSTIONING WORKBOOK (Word Doc). You are free to download and utilise this fabulous resource as long as you don’t commercialise it. For further information about the Workshops available from Surprise Attack, visit their website (http://surpriseattack NULL.com NULL.au/).

Some of you who attended on Tuesday may also have noticed Ben (there’s always a Ben), Cam and Bianca lurking about with a camera. They’re starting out Work In Beta (http://www NULL.workinbeta NULL.com/), which will be following local game development stories. They’re first ever filming at IGDAM includes interviews with David Lloyd from Powerhoof (http://www NULL.powerhoof NULL.com/), who are close to releasing Crawl, and Conor O’Kane with his work in progress, Space Caves of Europa. You can find the Beta Team on Facebook and Twitter, as is the way with things, and if you’re at a sharing stage with your game project, feel free to contact them to chat about it.

Next month we’ll be hearing from Henrik and Sam (https://www NULL.facebook NULL.com/events/493156064149276/) from The Voxel Agents (http://www NULL.thevoxelagents NULL.com/), as they do a Puzzle Retreat post mortem. Puzzle Retreat has now been downloaded over 3,000,000 times and has offered up some interesting challenges during development and post-release. The venue will be confirmed soon, but the date is locked in. Hope to see you there. Otherwise I’ll see you on the Facebooks (https://www NULL.facebook NULL.com/groups/igdam/) and the Twitters (https://twitter NULL.com/IGDAMelbourne)when I’m really keen!


IGDAM July: Elevator Pitch Night

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Apologies for the delayed post: We’re back at The Bend again tomorrow night, and learning about game pitching.

When: Tuesday 8 July 6.30-10.30pm

Where: 1000 Pound Bend (http://thousandpoundbend NULL.com NULL.au), 361 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne


We have three speakers sharing their knowledge of how to pitch your game, and there will be an opportunity for questions at the end.

Michael Davies: Michael is the Director and Lead Gameplay Developer for Space Dust Studios (http://www NULL.spaceduststudios NULL.com/) will be running through the pitch that Space Dust  prepared for Space Dust Racing. They took this pitch to Game Connection in the US and also used it to get local Film Victoria funding. He’ll also be bringing the game along for some local four player fun!

Chris Wright: Chris is the Managing Director of Surprise Attack (http://surpriseattack NULL.com NULL.au). He will give a high level view of Surprise Attack’s positioning workshop process which is very useful in helping determine your point of difference and elevator pitch. He will be distributing a word doc workbook for the workshop process which Surprise Attack runs.

Justin Halliday:  As Investment Manager at Screen Australia (http://screenaustralia NULL.gov NULL.au), Justin has had a hefty amount of experience at being pitched to. He will be offering hints and tips from the perspective of the person you’re looking to impress with your pitch.

Once again, thanks to Autodesk (http://autodesk NULL.com NULL.au), there will also be a bar tab to get us started. Thanks Autodesk!

We’ve got a Facebook event (https://www NULL.facebook NULL.com/events/842778792416898/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming), because it’s a thing we do, and look forward to seeing you soon.

Game Connect Asia Pacific Call For Speakers

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gcap14 logo1Thanks to Tony Reed at the GDAA, who today released the call for speakers for #GCAP14

Dear members of the Australian game development industry,

Game Connect Asia Pacific (GCAP) is Australia’s premier game development conference, focusing specifically on skills development, addressing industry trends and international business matching. GCAP delivers thought provoking, creative and innovative sessions covering programming, art, design, management and more, from leaders in the local and international game development industry.
The GDAA is seeking session proposals for speakers from all game development disciplines to address our core theme of Shakespeare Wrote Hits for GCAP 2014.

There is no denying that the works of Shakespeare are, today, of profound cultural and artistic importance. That Shakespeare was a great poet is undeniable. However, as a playwright, Shakespeare’s purpose was singular – to write shows that could be performed to large crowds who would pay for the experience. Each play was crafted with the audience in mind and in doing so Shakespeare filled the seats of his theatre. Shakespeare wrote plays to make money. Shakespeare wrote hits.

GCAP 2014 explores the mix of creativity and commercialisation with an understanding that the two are not mutually exclusive. The event will focus sharply on the decision making process in all disciplines with special emphasis on the methodologies, techniques and creative choices that can and have been made or applied to ensure a game has maximum appeal to its intended audience.

In GCAP 2014, we are encouraging speakers to answer the questions they believe Australian game developers should be asking, such as: Why was a particular art style chosen? How did a gameplay mechanic evolve? Why did a particular Kickstarter campaign work? Which engine is best for multi-platform development?

The event also seeks to identify and understand the resources, tools, production processes, platforms and new business structures that exist for the industry, and how the implementation will assist the creative development, productivity and competitiveness of the Australian industry.
Interested in speaking?
Download the submission guide (http://gallery NULL.mailchimp NULL.com/3fe427c9306b677b809d7cb8d/files/c9c30103-cc90-4684-a466-371889f76221 NULL.pdf) (PDF)
Submit the required information and pics to abstracts@gcap.com.au
Submissions can be provided in Word, Pages, Google Docs or email.

Deadline for submissions is close of business, Friday 25 July 2014.

GCAP14 simple SWH

GCAP is coming!

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gcap14 logo1

Thanks to the Game Developers’ Association of Australia (GDAA), we have some information about Game Connect, Asia Pacific (#GCAP14):

Dear members of the Australian game development industry,

Remarkably it’s the middle of the year already, and we are rapidly approaching the biggest games week Australia has ever seen. GCAP returns on October 28 & 29 to the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC), and there is much to talk about.


The theme of GCAP this year is Shakespeare Wrote Hits (with special thanks to Ron Gilbert for suggesting it to me). We’ll be exploring the mix of creativity and commercialisation with an understanding that the two are not mutually exclusive. The event will focus sharply on the decision making process in all disciplines with special emphasis on the methodologies, techniques and creative choices that can and have been made or applied to ensure a game has maximum appeal to its intended audience.

We have an incredible, confirmed line up of international keynote and session speakers that are examples of developers that have taken creative risks that have ultimately paid off. We’ll be announcing them in the next few weeks and tomorrow we’ll be sending out the local call for speakers.


GCAP was originally intended to be the usual 3 day event, but we got a call for help. Unity wanted to run the inaugural UNITE conference in Australia this year, but with the MCEC completely booked out for the week, by us and PAX, that wasn’t going to happen. Given most of the local developers use Unity, the opportunity was too good to pass so we offered one of the GCAP days. UNITE will precede GCAP on Monday, October 27.


GCAP remains one of the most affordable professional conferences around, and that won’t be changing this year. What will be changing are the packages we’ll be offering you. We have secured 3 Day Passes to PAX Australia and you will have the option of booking for both GCAP and PAX when tickets are made available at the start of August. Given the PAX passes are sold out, these tickets will be made available to the Australian game development industry first.

To keep up to date with GCAP, Unite and PAX Australia, you can follow @gdaa_oz (https://twitter NULL.com/gdaa_oz) on twitter. The GCAP website will be live in the near future, and when it is we’ll update the link here.


GCAP14 simple SWH

IGDAM in June: Funding options for game devs

May 30th, 2014 1 comment
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In light of the Federal Government Budget announcements lately, and the axing of the Australian Interactive Games Fund as was administered by Screen Australia, it seems like an appropriate time to look at alternative funding options available to game developers.

Along with the networking and socialising, which will be well lubricated thanks to Autodesk Australai (yep, there will be cash on the bar again) we will hear from Clara Reeves from Film Victoria, Jordan Brick from Melbourne Angels about Angel Investors, and (hopefully, still awaiting confirmation at the time of writing) Pozible about crowdfunding.

 When: Tuesday 10 June, 6-10pm

Where: The Kelvin Club, Melbourne Place, Melbourne (off Russell Street)

It’s always helpful if you RSVP via the Facebook event (https://www NULL.facebook NULL.com/events/712803878761051/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming).

If you have any questions about the night, or would like to speak at a future meet up, please email giselle@igdamelbourne.org

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IGDAM is on Fire!

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kindle fire


This month’s regular IGDAM meet includes information from Amazon about developing games for the Kindle Fire TV.

Amazon are also kindly putting some money on the bar, but you need to register here to get drink tickets!

Talks will start around 7pm and run for about an hour. Before and after you’re welcome to bring the latest build of your game for playtesting and catch up with fellow game developers.


When: Tuesday 13 May 6-9.30pm (talks start at 7pm)

Where: The Kelvine Club, 14-30 Melbourne Place, Melbourne


Bring along a game to playtest, catch up with other game developers, and find out more about developing for Kindle Fire TV.

Thanks to Amazon there will be a bar tab, so you need to register via Eventbrite (https://www NULL.eventbrite NULL.com NULL.au/e/igdam-is-on-fire-tickets-11549935167).

Also, there’s always the facebook event, a handy space to catch up with other attendees before, during or after the event.

Please contact giselle@igdamelbourne.org if you would like further information or are interested in speaking at or sponsoring a future event.


Unity Meets Melbourne: Wednesday 30 April

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IGDA Melbourne invites you to meet the Unity team and learn more about Unity 5.


ANZ Regional Sales Manager, Pat Bell and Unity Evangelists  Rus Scammell and Joh Reuben will be in attendance to give an update on the new features of Unity 5 as well has conduct some in depth demos for artists and coders.

What to expect from the night:

Overview: How Unity can help you

Architecting Games in Unity – “Common patterns for developing games in Unity” – Rus Scammell

Unity gives you a rich set of building blocks that can be used to construct any type of game. As a result it can sometimes be difficult to know how to architect your game in a way that’s easy to iterate and build upon. This talk will cover a basic architecture structure for your game and point out some commonly overlooked details that can have a major impact on performance. The talk is geared towards programmers at all skill levels, but will be the most beneficial for beginner or intermediate programmers.

Mecanim – Animation Workflows in Unity – Joh Reuben

A comprehensive view of the time saving tools and methods of animating characters and game elements in Unity. The talk will cover animation retargeting, blending and transitions and animating 2D elements.

Unity 5 Highlights and Demo – Rus and Joh

Q&A – Rus, Joh and Pat

And we’ll have some money on the bar thanks to the lovely folk at Unity.

This is proving to be a very popular event, and is already over 80% booked. Don’t miss out, book your free ticket via Eventbrite today (https://www NULL.eventbrite NULL.com NULL.au/e/unity-meets-melbourne-tickets-11147682017). You’re also welcome to RSVP via Facebook (https://www NULL.facebook NULL.com/events/612419472172109/?notif_t=plan_user_joined), so you can chat with other attendees online before and after the event.

If you have any questions, please email giselle at igdamelbourne dot org.

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April Meet Up: Blender rigging demo and playtesting

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blender logo

We meet again!

Where: 1000 Pound Bend, 361 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne

When: Tuesday 8 April, 6.3o – 10pm

What: Playtesting and Blender Rigging Demo



For our regular April gathering, we’ll be back at 1000 Pound Bend. You’re invited to bring along your latest build to get feedback and check out what other people have been working on. It’s BYO tech and there is wifi available at the venue. There are also burgers and beverages available.

Andrew Buttery, from Blender Training (http://blendertraining NULL.com/), will also be along to give a brief rigging demo and answer your questions on all things Blender.

In case that isn’t enough for one month, stay tuned for another gathering to be announced soon – and keep Wednesday 30 April free.

As always an RVSP via Facebook (https://www NULL.facebook NULL.com/events/503296376449298/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming) is appreciated

If you have any questions, feel free to email giselle@igdamelbourne.org

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March Meet Deets: Tuesday 11 March at The Kelvin Club

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It’s March, which generally means you’re preparing for GDC or preparing to deal with the fact you’re not going this year. Either way, we’re still having a meet up that will be full of great people and information.


When: Tuesday 11 March from 7pm

Where: The Kelvin Club, Melbourne Place, City

What: Along with the general networking and good times, Opaque Multimedia (http://opaquemultimedia NULL.com/client/index NULL.html) will be presenting about their Virtual Dementia Experience.

Created in collaboration of Alzheimers Australia, the Virtual Dementia Experience  s a virtual reality training tool for demonstrating the potential effects of ageing and dementia. Through the use of large-scale immersive facilities and real-time visualisation technologies. They have created a virtual world in which carers and family members can step into the shoes of someone living with dementia and gain a visceral understanding of how dementia might affect how they experience the world.


So join the Facebook event (https://www NULL.facebook NULL.com/events/836580883026020/) and come along for a top night of gamedev goodness.